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How to obtain an API key for managed partners
How to obtain an API key for managed partners

Obtaining an API key

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Understanding API keys

The default usage of our APIs does not require an API key. There is a 5 request per second (rps). per-IP-address rate limit.

Increased Rate Limits with an API Key

We do not issue API keys to non-managed partners. To apply for partnership, see this article on partnerships.

Managed partners can request an API key to access higher rate limits, up to 50 rps.

While an API key is linked to a project ID, the key can be used across all projects/requests within your company. Typically, we issue one key per company.

Requesting an API key

We do not issue API keys for sandbox.

  1. If you haven’t already, register your project with us.

  2. Follow the How to obtain your project ID guide to get your project ID.

  3. Contact our support team via the chat window at the bottom right and provide your project ID.

We will evaluate your request and respond within 1~2 days.

High volume requests

If you anticipate a need for high volume interactions with our APIs, such as during a game launch, contact our support team in advance with details about the project and the expected volume.

Optimizing usage

For best practices, refer to the 'Best practices' section in our API rate limits docs. Alternatively, chat with our support team for further recommendations.

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