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Handling 500 Internal Server Error when listing transfers
Handling 500 Internal Server Error when listing transfers

v1/transfers Internal server error 500 workaround guide

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If you are encountering an Internal Server Error when using the v1/transfers endpoint to list transfers, please follow this guide as a temporary workaround while our engineering team is addressing the issue at the core of the Immutable platform.


"code": "internal_server_error",
"message": "The server encountered an internal error and was unable to process your request"

The transfers API Endpoint is designed to be the source of truth for all transfer history on the Immutable X blockchain. However, in certain cases, when using a combination of some filters you might encounter the above error message. While our engineering team is working on a solution at the core of the Immutable platform, here are a few things you could do to work around this issue:

Adjust direction and order_by fields: sometimes reversing the direction of the order or changing the order by field can work better. In this case you may need to process the data and sort it locally in your code.



Refining filters: Narrow your filters, especially when using wide timeframes, for example when querying all transfers but you need the data in an order, try to add an additional filter such as user or token_address

While facing API issues can be frustrating, we're committed to delivering a great service to all our users. Beyond fixes, we're also exploring alternative ways for data synchronization, catering to your needs in innovative ways.

For any queries or assistance, our support team is here to help. Thank you for being part of our community; your experience matters.

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