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Passport: Create an authentication client
Passport: Create an authentication client

Getting started with passport, create an auth client via developer hub

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  1. Login into your account on our Dev Hub

  2. Select the project you wish to create a client for

  3. Select the Environment you wish to work with (Testnet or Mainnet)

  4. Click Passport in the right hand menu and click Add client

  5. Fill in the required information (Developer Docs):

    1. Application Type - Identify if you are setting up a client for a Web Application for example running in a desktop or a mobile browser or a Native Application running on a custom platform for example Android or IOS

    2. Client Name - This is an arbitrary name value for this client instance

    3. Logout URLs - One or more URLs that will be redirected to after a logout

    4. Callback URLs - One or more URLs that will handle the callback data from the authentication authority.

  6. Save this client instance and connect your application

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