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Passport: Get started with Unity SDK
Passport: Get started with Unity SDK

How to get started with Unity SDK and Passport

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This article demonstrates how to get started with Immutable Unity SDK and Passport using the sample code included with our SDK package.


  • Windows OS: Our Unity SDK currently only supports the Windows OS as the development platform, however you can also build games for mobile and other platforms.

  • Unity 2021.3.26f1: Currently our SDK only supports this version of Unity, wider support is coming soon

  • GitHub Desktop: Simplifies meeting the requirement for Github Large File Storage support. Alternatively the relevant dependencies can be installed from the the Git LFS website.

Clone the SDK repository:

Using Github Desktop clone our SDK repository:

After the files are downloaded you will be prompted with the following message, select Initialise Git LFS

Open the sample project:

Open sample project using the Unity Hub interface by browsing to the location of our cloned Unity SDK. For the purpose of this example it is F:/SDK/unity-immutable-sdk/sample , as long as the relevant Unity version is installed the project will open automatically.

There are two scenes available in the sample project:

  • UnauthenticatedScene: Start menu with a connect button to start a new signing in process and retry button if silent login fails.

  • AuthenticatedScene: Once the connect() function is executed this scene allows you to perform various actions using Passport

Try it out:

Open the Unauthenticated Scene in the editor by double clicking on it. Click the Play button run the scene inside the editor.

Follow the Passport login flow, once complete close the browser and return to the unity editor. You will now see the AuthenticatedScene with some sample functionality

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