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Troubleshooting Image Issues on Immutable X Marketplace
Troubleshooting Image Issues on Immutable X Marketplace

Immutable marketplace displays collection video, images, or icons incorrectly. Possible issue with image resizer or outdated cache.

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Our marketplace supports all of the common image standards for asset data. If your collection or asset images are not loading correctly, try the below troubleshooting steps.

Assets and Collection Media

If you have published your assets and they are not appearing in the marketplace, check that:

  • the URL for the image loads directly via the browser

  • there are no CORS headers when accessing the resource as this can impact the image re-sizer

Immutable Image Re-sizer

Our marketplace is equipped with an image re-sizer cache which enables faster loading of NFT images in different sizes across the app. For example if the NFT is using high definition sizes, the re-sizer will make smaller scale copies and temporarily store them to reduce loading time for smaller UI components.

Signs of re-sizer related issues

  • the collection images are displayed correctly when accessed directly via the image_url value in the browser browser

  • there are no CORS headers included in the request when accessing the image_url value

  • some marketplace views such as the collection search or icons are not loading, while regular asset images are loading

Potential solutions

  • Ensure the image is not corrupted. For GIF images, you can use a tool like GifDebugger

  • The image is less than 10MB in size

If the image has recently been updated at the source and you are seeing an older version, this is likely because the cache has not yet been refreshed. In this case, we advise allowing some time for the image to be refreshed. If you experience any issues, contact support for further help.

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